Codi the Coconut

Join the thousands of people who hate coconut! This site is here to let you express your feelings about coconut and to meet a community of like minded people. Join the fun of hating coconut!

  • Most Hated: Coconut Cake

    The dreaded coconut cake. Sure to be one of the most disgusting coconut dishes ever created. Popular in southern United States, this cake is blanketed by copious amounts of shredded coconut. Some even go as far as to make the cake layers out of coconut flavored butter cake. It can be found in the wild with coconut flakes which only makes it worse. Sometimes even with toasted coconuts which brings out the awful aroma.

  • Least Hated: Cocktail Bun

    We all may hate coconuts but few can truly dislike the famous Cocktail Bun. Originating from Hong Kong and known there as "gai mei baau". Bakers in Hong Kong historically have taken ground up day old bread, mixed it with sugar and coconut, then filled fresh bread with it and sold it to unsuspecting consumers. It sounds totally gross but somehow, it actually doesn't taste too bad. If adventurous, it may be worth a try.